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true competence

TrueNorth. We support you with our own entrepreneurial and lived management experiences. Always focused on making you even more successful. Sounds good? It is.

What makes us special? The noticeable and tangible consistent alignment of our actions with our principles. Radical. Entrepreneurial. Direct. Obsessed with implementation. Fast.

Our background? Education at first-class universities. Personal "polish" in excellently managed companies. Leadership experience mostly at C-level. Many years of work in top management consultancies. Own entrepreneurial activity of many years. You will find our project results in your P&L or balance sheet.

Curious why we call ourselves TrueNorth?

Business Recovery & Interim Management

You initiate operational and strategic optimization at an early stage. You are in discussions with your financiers about an expansion of the possibilities. Or you are already on fire and your financiers are coming to you. In any case, hard work awaits you.

At the beginning there is a ruthless analysis of the situation and a sustainable conception of a picture of the future (audit, independent business review or reorganization expert opinion according to IDW S6). The way to this is profound transformations, efficiency improvement and cost reduction programs.

We get you through this process quickly and unerringly. And we also secure the communication accordingly. Trusting and appropriate communication with stakeholders is essential for success.

For implementation, we use our proven, streamlined measure management with direct reference to P&L and balance sheet and follow through with you.

Often, our deployment as interim managers is required in the role of Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) - we are well prepared for this and only disembark when the matter is complete.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Carve Out

Opportunities for new growth must be constantly explored and new business models developed. The value creation structure must be regularly reviewed and adjusted.

In addition to organic growth and strategic and operational realignment, external growth (or divestments) must be achieved through a mergers & acquisitions process.

Once this has been negotiated, we steer you through the "carve-out". This stage of the project ensures that by day-0, the new entity's business continues to run smoothly. The following post-merger integration measures ensure the integration into your company.

We accompany you through all phases, so that your investment case works out.

Operational Excellence

When moving on gets tough, tough move on. This is more topical than ever. Technological upheavals, black swans or sometimes extreme regulatory interventions are forcing action.

In addition to the strategic challenges that are just about enough, it is even more important that the basis is right: The operations, especially the supply chain together with the IT support of the processes. The holistic and digital design (from EDI connection to AI-based decision support/bots) of all processes end2end along the value chain is condicio sine qua non. In addition, there is the appropriate customer- and process-oriented transformation of the organizational and management structure.

This is a home game for us. We will inspire you with the possibilities. Always in realistic, manageable steps in the implementation, which we naturally take in hand.

true results

Every company has its specific story, which is told in more than just numbers and which deserves our respect. As consulting solitaries, you can expect from us fundamentally customized and resilient solutions that contribute to the long-term survival of your company. With measurable results that you will find in your profit and loss account and in your balance sheet - and by which we will be measured. Contact us quickly!

true brands

Our customers are medium and large-sized companies, renowned and well-known players in their segment, often champions in their field. They come from a wide range of industries including consumer goods (FMCG), engineering, media, printing and paper, and healthcare. We support both management and owners, often private equity funds, with consistently sophisticated, carefully crafted, unique and effective solutions.

As a team, we are proud of a large number of consulting projects, several interim management mandates as CRO (usually in transformation situations) and about 100 M&A transactions.

Discretion is a matter of honor - we are therefore very happy to give you more information only in a confidential personal conversation.

true principles

Our company name is an expression of our principles. We have given ourselves a name that inscribes direction and sincerity at the same time: With a clear view of the goal. Cool in thinking and with passion for the cause. True to the facts in analysis, transparent in implementation. And reliable like the gyroscopic compass that indicates true north and which rarely coincides with magnetic north - TrueNorth.
We think radically

We think radically

"We are convinced that only radical thinking opens up new paths. Only radical thinking generates the advantages that you as our customer need to stay ahead."

We think entrepreneurial

We think entrepreneurial

"We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We're always thinking about your mechanics for success. And what will help move you forward. That can be small improvements. But also completely new business logics"

We work ourselves

We work ourselves

"Also the partners. Preferably with you personally in the team. There is no substitute for the personal encounter. And sometimes you experience the magic that musicians experience when making music together on stage"

We think of everything

We think of everything

"Good project management and crystal-clear results are one thing. We also take care of the measures and communication. that's what turns a concept into implementation. That is usually even more decisive. And we also tell you everything else we notice along the way."

We are fast

We are fast

"Making momentum the success factor for change. With all the care and depth of focus in the analysis. You can't do without it. Staying permanently on the ball. Being focused at a high rate until the end. Talk to us quickly"

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